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Preparing Your Quilt/What We Expect


Tops of quilts should be squared, pressed, have little to no extra threads, and free of wavy boarders. This is why:

If the quilt is not squared- Please do not expect your quilt to be squared after being quilted.

If the quilt is not pressed- This is to ensure that all of your seams are secure and will not unravel during quilting. If it is a seam here or there I will do my best to stitch this. But, there are no guarantees I will catch it before going on the machine, and I reserve the right to charge for an excess amount of open seams.

If the quilt has excess threads- This gets messy and could potentially show through the top of the quilt if the threads are dark and the top is light. To prevent this: trim threads as you go.

If the quilt has wavy borders- Again, this cannot be quilted out after being on the LongArm machine. Please do your best to prevent this, otherwise we can talk about how to fix it. I also reserve the right to charge extra if the quilt is difficult to complete.


Backings need to be squared and AT LEAST 5 inches larger than the quilt top on each side (total of 10" wider and 10" longer than the top). This is necessary for us to load your quilt onto the LongArm frame. If possible, it is helpful to me if you leave the salvages on the outer edge of your backing fabric. This gives me a straight edge, which helps me square up the backing. 


You can bring your own batting for me to use. Some batting is better than others, ask us what we recommend. Otherwise we have batting you can purchase.

**Please do not pin or baste top, batting, and backing together**

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